My Simplicity Journey


I have made simplifying my own life a practice, not a destination! It took me many years, but I’m finally living with a lot more clarity than chaos, even though I spent my fair share of living that chaotic lifestyle.  I’ve worked full time most of my adult life, and along the way I got married, had two children, got divorced, spent years raising my kids as a single mother, and moved across the country twice with my family in tow. I then met another man, remarried, and together we blended our families.  

Oftentimes, it felt like I was working against a machine of social expectations and external demands that constantly challenged my strength and resolve to carve out a purposeful life of my own choosing. But fortunately as the years passed, and our kids moved out, one by one, we took those opportunities to simplify our lives. We down-sized our home three times in a ten year period, and twice moved to smaller towns. After one of those moves, I took a class called “Voluntary Simplicity” which completely resonated with me, and I have become dedicated to this process ever since.  I began to reevaluate all of my thinking about what my life’s passions and priorities were! With this new insight, I set new goals for myself that were internally motivated and was then able to align my daily actions to reach those goals.   

Another Part of my personal journey to a simplified life includes over 20 years of incorporating elements of sustainability and minimalistic living into my purchasing decisions. I follow and admire many amazing organizers for tips and inspiration because I know that reducing one’s physical chaos helps immensely to eliminate one’s mental chaos. I am very pleased that part of my personal experience comes from living with less, thus having fewer financial burdens and all the while honoring my values to live simply and sustainably on our planet. 

And presently, as a Certified Life Coach I am living out one of my own passions by helping my clients to simplify their lives as well. Feeling more in control of your time, money, relationships and the other priorities in your life is worth every minute you invest in yourself! I would love to help you start your own journey from chaos to clarity!